Rental Policies

1.  A Waiver of Liability as well as a valid major credit card is required and will be held in our office as a security deposit for all rentals.  You may pay by cash, check or charge.

2.  Guests must be at least 65 lbs. to ride as a passenger on any rental watercraft at Hammerman Beach & Sunset Cove. Dundee Creek has a 45 lb. minimum.

3. Guests must be 13 years old to use single-person watercraft but must be accompanied on the water by an adult on separate watercraft. Guests must be 16 years old to go out alone.

4.  Lifejackets must stay on, zipped, and/or clipped at all times (inappropriate PFD use may result in rental termination without a refund).

5.  Watercraft rentals (kayaks, SUPs, windsurfers) may not be "SHARED, SWAPPED or TIME SPLIT". No exceptions.

6.  No alcohol, tobacco, or drug use prior to renting or while renting any watercraft.  Customers suspected of intoxication will be asked to leave without a rental and/or refund.

7.  All customers wishing to rent sailing craft (windsurfers or sailboats) must first pass a standardized skills qualification test. This "Qualifier" is less than 10 minutes long and does not apply to your rental time.

8. Sailing Qualifiers may not be conducted when wind speeds average 15 mph or more.

9. ALL kayakSUP & beginner windsurf rentals cease when wind speeds reach or exceed an average of 15 mph.

10. ALL watercraft rentals cease when average wind speed reaches 20 mph (Small Craft Advisory) and any water craft still on the water will be called in.

11. In the event of storms, Ultimate Watersports will close and remain closed until 30 minutes have passed since the last lightning flash and/or last thunder clap.

12. Footwear is strongly recommended for rentals for all watersports.  Footwear is REQUIRED for any scheduled program.

Additional Fees:

Rescue Fee: $25 per rescue

Late Return: A fifteen (15) minute grace period is allowed for time overages, beyond that customers will be charged for a FULL additional hour.

After Hours Return: Customers returning after closing time (6pm) will be charged for a FULL additional hour.  If a chase boat is dispatched to locate you, even without need of a rescue, customers will additionally be charged $25 for a retrieval.