Why We Strongly Encourage 2-Way Radios

As you read our list of “What to Bring” to our Winter Ski & Snowboard Camp, you will notice the first item, a Motorola 2-Way Radio, is strongly encouraged. At Ultimate Watersports Winter Camp, we are very serious about safety and communication with our campers. To achieve the best possible communication between your child and our staff, we encourage each camper to bring a Motorola 2-Way Radio (“walkie-talkie”) each day of camp.

This will allow every camper to receive important announcements/reminders made by our staff throughout the day, such as:

·        Ski & Snowboard Lesson times and locations

·        Group Activities times and locations (i.e. photo shoots. etc.)

·        Lunch time and location

·        Weather Alerts

·        Changing Slope Condition Alerts (best powder vs. icy conditions)

·        Lost & Found items

·        End of Day reminders!!

o       Rental Equipment Return

o       Bus pick-up location

In addition, campers will also have immediate access to our entire staff if they have any urgent needs or emergencies, during the course of the day. Our staff response time (arrival on scene) to emergency calls is typically no more than two minutes. This is unprecedented in the snow sports industry! Your child’s ability to communicate with our staff (by radio) is vital to that success.

If you do not already own a Motorola 2-way radio, you can find them at most big box stores like Sams Club, Costco, Best Buy, etc. We do not recommend buying directly from Motorola (on-line), as their pricing is considerably higher.

Please be sure to purchase a Motorola model with both Channels AND Privacy Codes!! This enables us to secure a secure frequency for Ultimate Watersports Winter campers and staff exclusively. Our staff will set each camper’s radio to the correct frequency each morning on the bus trip to Ski Roundtop. We will also instruct each camper on protocol for communication and emergencies.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.