Why Our Winter Camps Are AWESOME!

By now, you've probably heard from other parents, this camp is NOT just a "pick-up & delivery service" for your kids. Since we began our snow camps for kids in 1995, our goal has been singular: to provide the safest and most exciting on-snow experience for children and teens.

How do we give you the best camp experience?

  1. A veteran team of camp staff, many of whom are the same experts who run our summer camps on the Chesapeake Bay. These adults are extremely well trained and passionate about helping kids become not just better skiers and snowboarders, but responsible, independent and safe in any mountain environment.
  2. Ultimate Watersports management team members are in constant contact with staff insuring complete staff coverage of the slopes as well as mountain facilities (cafeteria, rental shop, etc.) In addition, any camper requiring personal attention, for any reason, is attended to immediately.
  3. All staff are in Ultimate Watersports uniform (unmistakable neon orange) that can be seen on every slope from top to bottom.
  4. Campers wear Ultimate Watersports ID legbands (neon orange) so that everyone on the mountain (not just our staff) know these are camp kids in our program.
  5. Staff members work in teams of two at all times.
  6. We teach and enforce the "buddy system" to all campers. No campers "fly solo", ever!
  7. Each staff team is assigned specific slopes throughout the day so that all campers at all abilities can visualize Ultimate Staff on any slope.
  8. Ultimate Watersports maintains an outstanding relationship with the Ski Roundtop management team, Ski School, Rental Shop, Ski Patrol and lift attendants. They are all familiar with our mission and work closely with us to provide our campers a first quality experience from start to finish.
  9. We care about your children. Not just about their skiiing/snowboarding skills but how their day is going in general. Just ask any parent of campers in our program. They seem to brag more about our team than we do.
  10. All staff and campers are encouraged to carry Motorola 2-way radios. This will allow every camper to hear important announcements/reminders made by our staff throughout the day, such as:
    • Ski & Snowboard Lesson times and locations
    • Group Activities times and locations
    • Lunch time and location
    • Weather Alerts
    • Changing Slope Condition Alerts
    • End of Day reminders!
    • Rental Equipment Return
    • Bus pick-up location

In addition, campers will also have immediate access to our entire staff if they have any urgent needs or emergencies, during the course of the day. Our staff response time (arrival on scene) to emergency calls is typically no more than one to two minutes. This is unprecedented in the snow sports industry. Each morning, our staff make sure that each camper's radio is set to the correct frequency as well as instruct each camper on protocol for communication and emergencies.

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