Rumsey Island Adventure Camp

There is no other summer camp experience like this in Maryland. FOR KIDS WHO LOVE EXPLORING NATURE, WILDLIFE AND THE WATER AND JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH - THIS IS THE CAMP! A experiential learning environment like no other, each day campers will experience swimming, kayaking, stand up paddling, fishing, crabbing, hiking and exploring the most pristine waterways of the Chesapeake Bay! Our Camp Educators, Naturalists and Water Sports Professionals are second-to none in their respective fields and every one of them have spent their careers pursuing their passion for the natural environment and the Chesapeake Bay. Like you, we know that between the covid pandemic, virtual schooling and the unpredictability of each day, what our kids need is the chance for normalcy, fresh air, a safe social environment and lots of adventure to stimulate their minds and bodies. THIS IS THE CAMP.


From the same company that has graduated over 15,000 campers over 35 years without a single medical emergency, Rumsey Island Adventure Camp is the ONLY choice for non-stop fun and excitement on the Chesapeake, run by a team of adult professionals with credentials unmatched in the industry.



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